Resources on the Web

There are many sites on the web related to Extreme Programming. Here are a few of the best.

XP Logo by Don Wells gives a gentle introduction to Extreme Programming. Logo is a resource for information about Extreme Programming and related topics.
Wiki Wiki Logo Ward Cunningham's Wiki Wiki Web contains lots of information about Extreme Programming.
Diamond Sky Logo Check out Diamond Sky's own quick guide to Extreme Programming.
Books About Extreme Programming

The number of books about Extreme Programming grows by the month. If you start with these, you can't go far wrong.

Extreme Programming Explained

This is the book that started it all.

Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck is aimed at programmers and managers of programmers and serves as a useful introduction to the philosophy and practices of XP.

Extreme Programming Installed

Extreme Programming Installed by Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson and Chet Hendrickson.

XP Installed addresses the practical issues of running an XP project and covers the practices in more details than XP Explained.

Planning Extreme Programming

Planning Extreme Programming by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler.

This book describes how planning in an XP project is a continuous process and covers the mechanics of planning in more detail than XP Explained.

Refactoring : Improving the Design of Existing Code

Refactoring is one of the core practices of extreme programming and this book by Martin Fowler will show you how.