Planning with Extreme Programming

XP projects focus on delivering useful, working software as early and as often as possible. To accomplish this, xp planning is based around two simple ideas - stories and iterations.

  • A story represents a chunk of functionality that provides business value that can be estimated and tested.
  • An iteration is a fixed period of two or three weeks during which the team works on a number of stories selected by the customer
Planning with index cards
Planning with index cards

Most teams store their release plan on index cards. During the planning game, the programmers write the estimate for each story on a card and the customer orders the cards by priority. When a story is done, the customer draws a line across the card. If the cards are pinned to the wall, everyone can keep track of how the plan is progressing.

Some teams need to share their release plan with other teams or with their managers and customers. Some teams supplement their index cards electronically - they type their stories into a spreadsheet or put them up on a web site. Some teams have more complex reporting requirements and resort to traditional project management software.

Diamond Sky has created a simple alternative for when planning with index cards is not quite enough.

Planning with Iterate by Diamond Sky™

Iterate by Diamond Sky™ helps you plan, track and report on your XP project without giving up the flexibility that comes with a card-based plan. Unlike existing project management software, Iterate by Diamond Sky™ lets you to plan the way that is best for your project.

Screenshot: Iterate by Diamond Sky - Release Plan View
Release Plan View
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The release plan view allows you to enter virtual story cards, estimate and then prioritize them to build a release plan.

Screenshot: Iterate by Diamond Sky - Iteration Details
Iteration Details View
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The iteration details view helps you keep track of each story as it is completed.

Screenshot: Iterate by Diamond Sky - Metrics
Metrics View
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Project-level metrics can help you identify problems early.

Screenshot: Iterate by Diamond Sky - Report
Printed Release Plan
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You can also print reports to share project status with stakeholders outside your team.

Getting Started with Iterate by Diamond Sky™

Download Iterate by Diamond Sky™ and try it for a 30 day evaluation period. If you decide Iterate by Diamond Sky™ is right for your team you can purchase it directly from Diamond Sky at our online store.