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I was quite active in the XP community in the first few years of the millennium but I’ve have been so focussed on work for so long that I have not had time to think, never mind write.

I picked up Javascript again a couple of years ago after not touching it for 20 years. I have some thoughts that I want to share.

Javascript has changed so much that it was like entering a foreign land. It reminded me a little of that episode of Red Dwarf where Lister and The Cat arrive back in Nodnol after several centuries away and they don’t even recognize the language.

Javascript was like that for me.

I read the other day that no one likes object-oriented programming any more. Perhaps no one ever did, really, and the whole of the last 30 years was just a con trick played on Blub programmers like me by the titans of the software industry.

It is fair to say that, generations later, the idea of organizing your code into larger meaningful objects that model the parts of your problem continues to puzzle programmers. If they are used to top-down programming or functional programming, which treats elements of code as precise mathematical functions, it takes some getting used to. After an initial hype period had promised improvements for modularising and organising large codebases, the idea was over applied. 

I like OOP and, suddenly, I want to write about it.

Here goes…

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