Crud for Users

Now we have our ReactToRails library in place, adding the Crud for users should be easy.

Here’s the store.

import Store from 'react-to-rails/store'
export const store = new Store('user')

Here’s the User view component.

export function User({user}) {
  return <div className='user'>
    <h2 className='name'>{}</h2>
    <div className='email'>{}</div>

export default connectView(User, store)

And here’s the list:

export function List({users}) {
  return <ul className='users-list'>
    { => <li key={}>
        <User user={user}/>

export default connectList(List, store)

There’s a bit of boilerplate-like overlap between the views and it’s tempting to try to abstract that away into the library but I actually like what Rails does with scaffolded views where it generates something simple that you can later edit. Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe I’ll do both.

I still need to build the Editor for users but that can wait until I get a bit further along with my understanding of forms in React. I think I want to work on a proper navigation scheme for the app first. It’s all a bit of a mess at the moment. But first we’ll have to learn about how to handle routes in React.

We’ll do that next week.